TESLegends Decks used to rank up or played in legend

supCru - Crusader

CODE: SPAGlahmraqpejbZABmoAOthnseDwZwidLnedxfJcRqIlYtmdr

Main goal in early game to destroy ONE rune of your opponent, then you stack cards. Trades: yes. Very satisfying if it works.

0 tier - Assassin

CODE: SPADnRdqjnAGcghdumixnLoOAMbOitcfcIdMdKdhkXsUswcyjH

Smorc, no trades. Except drain creatures.

HeavyD - Daggerfall

CODE: SPAKdwlkaArPsZigqokujVlxAHdVdPjEqhomnHehARoMcrtgrCvDkAnNbDgydIsHxcgjsmbYmGfl

Strong mid with wards, items and atronachs.

Crabolicious - Sorcerer

CODE: SPAJePgOkutFoVusomuGiyAFdVothYdBoeAMoMxekXkYfTxckojXjHiBvDmT

Just the face. You can even skip drain card trades if you generate enough items.

trashSower - Warrior

CODE: SPAHhqprnYhwtBdYwsACbYmVANoRogrQhUsmahdelLrWrepRkNgo

1 yeard old smorc deck that still works. No trading except obvious trades. Shadow lane.

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