WWE 2K20: First Screenshots Revealed, More Info Coming Next Week

Another installment of 2K’s WWE series has been announced, and with it, two images have been revealed. Little is known about the latest version of the game, aptly named WWE 2K20, but more information will be revealed on August 5.

2K Games has revealed two images from its long-running WWE series: one of Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and one of Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley. Both images feature the WWE superstar’s entrances and can be seen below. While this isn’t a huge reveal for WWE 2K20, more information will be shared on Monday, August 5.

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Teased by 2K, Monday’s reveal will include the cover art for the game, along with gameplay footage and more information. This is the first announcement for the game and no further details have been given.

Last year’s installment–WWE 2K19–made huge changes to the overall game, completely reimagining the MyCareer Mode to be more story driven, adding fun arcade elements, a roster of over 200 superstars, and reintroducing Showcase Mode–which took inspiration from WWE’s documentary series on the WWE Network. The overall changes vastly improved the game and added a bit of fun to the series.

As for what could be coming down the like for WWE 2K20, no one knows at this point. Many fans of the series are hoping for the reintroduction of GM Mode, where players take on the role of Raw or Smackdown GM and try to get better ratings for their weekly programming than the other show. GM Mode has been one of the most talked about features that’s gone missing since UpUpDownDown started its weekly Battle of the Brands video series. In it, WWE superstars Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze play GM Mode on WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006.

Additionally, many are wondering not only who the cover star of this year’s game will be–hopefully Becky Lynch–but also which superstar Showcase Mode will focus on. There are plenty of working superstars in the company whose stories would work exceptionally well for that mode.

We’ll learn more on August 5.