Black Friday 2019 PS Plus Deals: Where To Find PS4’s Online Subscription On Sale

Whether you’re buying a new PS4 this Black Friday or have owned one for years, you should consider purchasing a PlayStation Plus subscription. Normally $60 a year, PS Plus grants users access to online multiplayer as well as two free games each month. As long as you have an active subscription, you can keep playing the free games for as long as you want.

Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday will likely bring deals on PlayStation Plus. Last year, the service was discounted to $40 at numerous retailers, including GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. PlayStation also offered the $40 price on the PlayStation Store, so you could buy it straight from your console.

Will PS Plus be on sale for Black Friday 2019?

Nothing has been confirmed, but we’d be shocked if PS Plus subscriptions weren’t on sale once again. Conventional wisdom suggests 12-month subscriptions will be discounted to $40. PS Plus very rarely drops lower than $40, and even when it does, the discount is just ever so slightly better (it was recently $39 at Ebay, and during this year’s Amazon Prime Day, we saw it for $37).

Even if you still have several months left on your current subscription, it’s wise to re-up at a discounted price as subscriptions can be stacked. And if PS Plus is on sale for around $40 again this Black Friday, it’s a worthwhile add-on to your Black Friday PS4 shopping. It would also make for a great gift for any and all PS4 owners on your shopping list, especially when you’re unsure which games they already own.

Where to find PS Plus deals on Black Friday

When PlayStation Plus is discounted on Black Friday, it’s typically on sale just about everywhere that sells PS Plus, either in card form or printed as a code on your receipt. That includes the major retailers, like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and GameStop, as well as the PlayStation Store, which will be the most convenient if you’re buying the subscription for yourself.

That said, keep your eye on the deals at Ebay and Newegg–these two stores tend to have the best discounts on PS Plus year-round, and if it drops to $40 elsewhere, you may be able to find it even cheaper at one of these sites. Of course, stay tuned to GameSpot in the weeks leading up to and during Black Friday as we’ll be reporting on all the best gaming deals, including any PS Plus discounts.