Month: August 2019

PAX Indie Spotlight – MageQuit

Bowlcut Studios combines spell-drafting and frenetic spell slinging in MageQuit. At PAX West 2019, the mage mayhem is out in full force. MageQuit fields 2-10 (free-for-all or teams) wizards in a player-vs-player brawl (online or local!), and the more players you add to the mix the more chaotic each match is. While plenty of games feature spells and player-vs-player

PAX Indie Spotlight – Roundguard

If you took the classic casual game Peggle and doused it in Dungeons & Dragons, that’s the core philosophy behind Roundguard. At PAX West 2019, Roundguard’s playful artstyle caught my eye during a trek through the massive Indie Megabooth – but the gameplay kept me around. Click here to watch embedded media Wonderbelly Games is hoping

Three Fantastic PC Games You Missed This Month

August had Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Control and Astral Chain. All great games that can suck your life away. But as the year ticks along, plenty of great, smaller games with stellar ideas and executions come out, especially on PC, and they won’t eat up dozens of hours if you’re looking for something fresh. But

Guild Wars 2 Gets A Giant Content Chunk With The Icebrood Saga

Today at PAX West 2019, Arenanet announced a giant new block of content that is available free for previous owners of the Path of Fire or Heart of Thorns expansions, The Icebrood Saga. Beginning today, Heart of Thorns is now also free for all Guild Wars 2 players. One of the major new additions is Strike missions,

Yacht Club Games Announces Shovel Knight Dig

Shovel Knight is a series that keeps on giving in ways we wouldn’t expect. The newest entry in the Shovel Knight series appears to favor the shovel more than the knight, but looks like it’s going to be good fun and every bit as challenging as the core game. Co-developed by Nitrome and Yacht Club

Bulletstorm: Duke Of Switch Edition Is Out Now

The Nintendo Switch has suddenly gotten a little more M-rated with the surprise-release of Bulletstorm. The Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition, previously announced for the summer, is now available on the eshop for $30. As you may expect from the name, this version of Bulletstorm includes all the remastered “Full Clip” update from 2017, including

Cyberpunk 2077’s Weapon Customization Is Surprisingly Deep

Like CD Projekt Red’s previous games, there are tons of ways to customize your character in Cyberpunk 2077 to suit your liking. This level of personalization even stretches into the game’s various gun types, which come in three unique flavors. When it comes to customizing guns, there are two significant ways to do so. First,

Homeworld Mobile Announced At PAX

The Gearbox panel at PAX West announced Homeworld 3, but that’s not the only return for the real-time strategy franchise. The company also teased Homeworld Mobile, complete with a brief teaser-trailer showing off the spacefaring ships in flight. The spin-off is being developed by mobile studio Straosphere. Gearbox noted that the title isn’t finalized, because

Homeworld 3 Announced

The classic real-time strategy series Homeworld is coming back. The dormant series has been quiet for more than 15 years, aside from the Remastered Collection in 2015. But an official sequel, Homeworld 3, has been announced at PAX West. Development is being handled by Blackbird Interactive, which has some experience with the franchise having remastered