Month: July 2019

NBA Live 20 Releasing In Late 2019

EA has a strange relationship with unannounced games, as they will frequently just talk about games that are assumed to exist but haven’t officially been unveiled, as they are currently doing with Need for Speed. Another example is NBA Live 20, this year’s entry into EA’s somewhat embattled basketball series, which has been assumed to

EA Still Planning On Releasing A New Need For Speed In 2019

During Electronic Arts’ earnings call today, the company gave a release calendar for the next two quarters, which is mostly made up of games we know about. While the company has positioned Jedi: Fallen Order as their big game this holiday, they did also recently announce a new Plants vs. Zombies game also intended to

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Brings Back Killstreaks

When Black Ops 4 rolled around, Treyarch decided to replace the Call of Duty series’ killstreaks with something a little more cooperative. In previous games, killstreaks would give you advantages based on how many people you killed in multiplayer without dying yourself. To emphasize teamwork, Black Ops 4 made them scorestreaks, which a lot of

EA’s Live Service Games Are Bringing In A Lot Of Money

Electronic Arts today reported earnings for its FY20 Q1, and in addition to confirming a delay for NBA Live 20, the report provides an overall look at how the company is performing financially. For the April-June quarter ended June 30, EA made $1.2 billion USD in revenue, which is up from $1.1 billion during the

PS4 Sales Below Sony’s Expectations After PS5 Reveal

Sony announced this week that PlayStation 4 shipments have climbed to a staggering 100 million units life-to-date, but it wasn’t all good news. The 3.2 million PS4 systems that Sony shipped in the April-June quarter was “slightly below” the company’s internal expectations. The reason for the downturn? Sony said it was “primarily” due to the

NBA Live 20 Delayed, As Dev Confirms A “Different Approach”

NBA Live is not a flagship EA Sports title in the way that heavy-hitters like FIFA and Madden are, and it has a tumultuous history at the company. However, the strides that last year’s NBA Live 19 made in a positive direction gave fans some hope that the series was back on track again. Now,

Rune II Builds Upon The Original In Ambitious And Unexpected Ways

If you’re old enough to remember Rune, then you likely have fond memories of smashing mead filled cups on the floor after a hearty chug, or ripping off enemies’ arms and beating them to death with it. The 2000s-era Viking-themed PC action-adventure from Human Head Studios stood apart from the dominant shooter market of the

Creating Sigma: Developing A New Overwatch Hero

Sigma has been revealed as the 31st Hero in Overwatch, and the gravity-controlling mad scientist is currently playable in the game’s PC test server. With so many Heroes in Overwatch now, creating new ones has become a balancing act for Blizzard–one where brand-new mechanics must be weighed against the established lore of the game’s narrative.

Sega Mega Drive Mini Delayed In Europe And Middle East

The Sega Mega Drive Mini, expected to arrive worldwide on September 19, has been delayed in Europe and the Middle East. Sega Europe now says the mini redux will launch on October 4, two weeks later. In a tweet posted on Monday, July 29, Sega Europe said “unavoidable logistical challenges” are what is causing the