Month: June 2019

Reader Discussion: Do You Enjoy Making Your Own Creations In Games?

Whether you’re a Minecraft builder, a Sims 4 player with an architect’s eye, or a level creator in Super Mario Maker, several video games provide creation suites for innovative players. Sometimes the building aspect is the game’s biggest selling point, such as with Dreams, and other times it’s a well-thought out addition like Far Cry

Hunt: Showdown Leaves Early Access This August

Crytek’s horror multiplayer shooter Hunt: Showdown is soon exiting early access to release in full. It was in Steam early access since last year, and in Xbox Game Preview since earlier this year. Now, it’s launching in full on both PC and Xbox One as of August 20. Hunt: Showdown casts players as bounty hunters who must

Here’s What Death Stranding Would Look Like As A PS1 Game

Hideo Kojima’s upcoming Death Stranding looks to be graphically impressive, but what if that same concept was translated into something more lo-fi? YouTuber Bearly Regal tested this idea by envisioning Death Stranding as a PS1 game. The result is several gameplay and cinematic scenes transformed into a PS1 era aesthetic, and it actually looks pretty cool. Take

Last Day Of June Is Free On The Epic Games Store

Last Day of June, a story-driven puzzle game from developer Ovosonico, is available for free on the Epic Games Store (it’s normally listed as $19.99 on the online retailer). Don’t wait too long, though — it’s only a freebie until July 4. This puzzle game puts you in the shoes of an elderly man who desperately

Summer Games Done Quick Raises A Record-Breaking $3 Million

 Summer Games Done Quick, an annual speedrunning marathon, smashed records this year by fundraising a total of $3,006,188.87 from over 50,000 donors (donations are still open; this is the current amount at this time of writing).  The week-long event began last Sunday and concluded yesterday. The team had already achieved a whopping $1 million on Thursday, just

How Apex Legends’ Daily And Weekly Challenges Work

Respawn Entertainment has detailed the Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass challenge system. On the game’s website lead product manager Lee Horn said the implementation “should allow for significantly greater Battle Pass progress with less grind over less time for players who return on a regular basis and maximize their challenge resets.” Challenges for Apex

Tetris Royale Headed To Mobile Phones

Building on the success of the Tetris 99’s fusion of the iconic puzzler and the battle royal trend, The Tetris Company is planning to release a Tetris game called Tetris Royale for iOS and Android. As the name implies, Tetris Royale will have a 100-player battle royale mode, which will include seasonal and daily challenges,

Void Bastards Getting Free Challenge Modes, DLC Soon

After a strong reception and successful launch, Void Bastards will soon have more ways for players to explore its cynical, roguelike take on space travel and prison systems. Challenge modes headline the title’s upcoming DLC. The Workplace Challenges DLC will add new challenges like “stealthing your way past super tough enemies, being forced to rely on

Symphony Of The Night, Inside Lead July’s Free Games With Gold

The next group of Xbox Games With Gold games includes a couple of outstanding games, as well as a couple of others. Leading the charge this month are Inside, which is available for free to all Xbox Live Gold members throughout July. The grim platformer got high marks from us back when it came out

Make Sure You Get The Right Kind Of Stylus For Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 came out yesterday, and you know what? We think it’s pretty good. One curious feature about the Switch sequel, however, is that when you have the console undocked, you can only use the touch screen to edit levels (yep, you can’t use the buttons and joysticks located on the sides of