Month: February 2019

Hyper Jam: PlayStation 4 Pro and Game Code Giveaway

We’re giving away 1 free PlayStation 4 Pro with a Hyper Jam skin to one (1) lucky winner and 15 Hyper Jam PS4 Game Codes to fifteen (15) lucky fans! (Scroll down to enter below). This is not an instant win. No purchase necessary. Competition ends at 12:00 PM PT on March 8, 2019, in

The Division 2 Open Beta Pre-Loading Now Available

The Division 2 open beta will be playable soon, and for those who like to be prepared, pre-loading is now available across PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You can download the test to take part this weekend, from March 1-4. This test will include three main missions that you can play on Normal and Hard

Fortnite Season 8 Lets You Complete Challenges With Friends

Epic Games has released the next big update for Fortnite, which launches Season 8. The new season adds several gameplay tweaks, new map areas and weapons, and updates the battle royale game with a brand-new Battle Pass. To help you finish its numerous tasks–which offer more than 100 rewards, including new skins–Fortnite’s new update now

Destiny 2 Gets New Gambit Mode In Season Of The Drifter

Destiny 2’s next season kicks off on March 5, and with it comes new activities to complete as part of the game’s Annual Pass offering. The Joker’s Wild DLC that corresponds with Season 6, the Season of the Drifter, is adding a new version of the Gambit competitive mode called Gambit Prime, which ups the

New Fortnite Update Just Copied Apex Legends’ Best Feature

Apex Legends reviews have praised the game for a number of features, but one specific detail people like is the battle royale game’s ping system, which allows players great versatility when communicating. Fortnite’s Season 8 update, which is fresh out of Epic Games’ oven, has introduced a remarkably similar feature. Fortnite: Battle Royale players can

Anthem Making Big Changes To Loot Drops

One week after its official launch, BioWare is planning major revisions to the loot drops in its latest game, Anthem. In a lengthy post on Reddit, the studio summarized the pieces of feedback it has received from the community, as well as what an imminent update will do about them. BioWare identified a few key

Fortnite Season 8’s New Skins: Blackheart, Hybrid, Peely, And More

Season 8 of Fortnite has begun and along with it a new Battle Pass is available. This means there’s lots of new cosmetic unlocks available to acquire and customize your character with. Naturally, the most exciting among them is the skins, which completely transform your character’s visual style. Fortnite has some of the coolest skins

Fortnite Season 8 Challenge Guide: Pirate Camps, Volcano Vents, And More

We’re now in the first week of Fortnite Season 8, which means the rotation of weekly challenges has begun. If you’re new to the game, here’s a quick breakdown: complete challenges to earn experience, which levels up your Battle Pass and, as you ascend through the Battle Pass tiers, will grant you access to exclusive