Month: December 2018

Fortnite Fireworks For The New Year

Those of us in North America are still waiting for it to be 2019, but that doesn’t mean the calendar hasn’t already turned for others around the world. Fortnite players such as streamer Rocky in New Zealand have already experienced 2019 in Fortnite, and it’s celebrated with nice fireworks display and a disco ball. In other Fortnite

Best Buy’s PS4, Xbox One, And Nintendo Switch Deals This Week

It’s a new week, which means you can find a new set of deals on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch games at Best Buy. Maybe you got a gift card over the holidays, maybe you’re planning to return something and you’ll have store credit, or maybe you’re just looking to save some cash on

Fortnite Rings In New Year With Fireworks

Fortnite appears to be ringing in the new year for anyone who happens to be in the game when the ball drops. A video captured from a streamer in New Zealand–where 2019 came earlier than many other territories–shows the festivities as they occurred, and we’re likely to see the same across other time zones as

Two Of January’s Xbox One Games With Gold Are Now Available

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now get their first free games of 2019. That’s because two of January’s Games with Gold are now available on Xbox Live. Better yet, the games in question were well-received–which isn’t always the case for these freebies–so you’ll probably want to give them a shot if you haven’t tried them

Persona 5 R Announced, But What It Is Remains A Mystery

Atlus has announced Persona 5 R, a new version of its acclaimed RPG. A teaser video has been released and a website for the the game has also gone live. However, neither reveal what this new version of Persona 5 will include. Instead, both the website and the teaser point to more information being revealed

Atlus Teases Persona 5 R For PlayStation

This morning Atlus releases a teaser trailer for the much rumored Persona 5 R. The teaser carries a PlayStation logo at the front, but there are no other details about additional potential platforms, like Switch. Billboards in the teaser have the words, “New Projects” displayed, which could potentially mean Atlus is working on multiple Persona

Fallout 3 Has A Few Easter Eggs You Can Only See By Moving Out Of Bounds

Click to watch embedded video Bethesda games are known for three things: Expansive worlds, glitches, and Easter eggs. Youtuber Shesez’s latest episode of Boundary Break higlights the latter in Fallout 3, as he moves outside of the game’s normal boundaries to find some cool Easter eggs and secrets. Some of the cool things Shesez is

Monster Hunter: World Gets Assassin’s Creed Crossover Event

Yesterday Capcom stealth-launched a new crossover event for Monster Hunter: World, this time crossing over with the Assassin’s Creed series. The “SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce” event, which lasts until January 10, has players facing off against “nimble, fierce, and impetuous monsters” to earn Senu’s Feather. The event features a new armor that makes players look like

From Software Working On Two Unannounced Games

This year, most of the talk surrounding From Software was focused on the reveal of its new title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (and, to a lesser extent, Déraciné). However, the studio behind games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne has apparently been even busier than it seemed. In an interview with 4gamer (and translated by Gematsu), From Software’s Hidetaka Miyazaki